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What McCullough Realty Can Do For You

At McCullough Realty we thrive to bring you all the information you need regarding the buying and selling of your home.  What you may not know about us is the extra features we offer that other realtors may not.  On top of the great service and caring nature of our realtors, we offer 2 major upgrades to help you sell your home.

LED Billboard

Located ideally on State Route 29 this LED billboard can be used to feature your home for the passing traffic all day and night.  With it's excellent location this LED billboard see 8,000 vehicles pass it per day based on ODOT numbers.  With this being a double sided billboard your home will be seen by both lanes of traffic.  When listing your home with us we will always go the extra mile to get your home sold.  

Drone Footage

On top of the photos we take of the inside of your home, we can also offer aerial shots of the outside of your property.  With our drone we can also capture fly by video footage to further highlight your home.  These aerial shots can help make a property more appealing to potential buyers, especially if it’s a bigger house or piece of land.